First Post Difficulties

I hate “first posts” so please try not to judge the quality of content that is soon to come based on this one post alone. I’d like to say hello to all who made it over from my blogger account. This move signifies a bit of a turn in my life. I hope to achieve an honesty here that has always been lacking from my other blogs. Mainly I want this place to be an outlet for my creativity, a place where I can post projects, talk about hurdles I’m in the process of overcoming, or simply just write. I don’t assume that too many people are interested in the daily ins and outs of my life and that’s okay. This will mainly be a public diary.

A little about me: Basically what you need to know is that I’m a walking stereotype. To sum it up I’m a lesbian vegan cat lady. I’m also a budding feminist interested in intersectionality. I love to read. I’m a Harry Potter nut and ooze social awkwardness. I’m very interested in participating more in the RPG, cosplay, steampunk and ball joint doll communities. Anxiety meds are my new best friend and I’m exploring the social side of myself I never thought existed. I have a marketing degree and certification in medical transcription and am currently¬†working on finding a job/career that doesn’t make me want to kill myself. So far I haven’t had any luck. My lady partner and I live in Woodinville, Washington with our 4 cats who all require special attention and are constantly at the vet for strange ailments.

I hope that someone will find interest in the oddities I post here. Until then I’ll be working on making this blog a little more visually pleasing. Thanks for reading.

About Amy Clare

33 year old queer ethical vegan.
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