My Favorite Holiday

Happy New Year! This seriously is the best time of year. I love fresh starts and creating all my goals for the upcoming year. I made 100 goals a few years ago and completed over half the list. I found it wasn’t discouraging to see that I didn’t complete everything, I was more excited with all my accomplishments. So here we are, and I have many goals this year and high hopes that I will complete them. I will be using this blog sporadically to update my progress or when I complete certain activities. Now for the list. These are in no particular order. Obviously watching Star Wars isn’t my super important #1 resolution.

  1. Watch all Star Wars
  2. No soda or gum
  3. Complete the 7 day sugar detox
  4. Complete the Insanity program
  5. The obligatory “Get some abs”
  6. Go to the Renaissance Faire
  7. Wake up 2 hours before work shift begins and use that time to read/journal/reflect
  8. Journal
  9. Complete daily entries in my “Happy Journal”
  10. Read 50 books
  11. Run a 5K, 10K, Half, and Full Marathon
  12. Write all thank you notes within 2 weeks of receiving presents
  13. Hang out with parents more often
  14. Visit my brother in L.A.
  15. Complete 3 video games
  16. Reread Harry Potter
  17. Buy a new Vitamix container and use Vitamix more
  18. Go to the Doctor and get all exams
  19. Go to the eye doctor and get new glasses and contacts
  20. Go to the dentist and get retainer removed
  21. Take art classes
  22. 6 knitting/sewing projects
  23. Work on Spanish speaking skills. Ideally take a conversation class
  24. Pay off all credit card debt by April
  25. Keep my purse clean and organized
  26. Keep car clean and purchase a car garbage can and wipes
  27. Blog about resolutions throughout the year
  28. Organize email and no more than 20 messages in inbox
  29. Go to Comicon
  30. Make my own almond milk
  31. Go to 3 concerts
  32. Have a dinner party and a vegan wine and cheese party
  33. Watch 20 classic movies I haven’t seen
  34. Find a way to display all my concert experiences
  35. Finish a puzzle
  36. Learn to do the splits
  37. Stop purchasing plastic water bottles
  38. Save all change and buy something nice at the end of the year
  39. Orphan Black marathon
  40. Join the Hogwarts running club
  41. Take care of my skin, more lotion and chap stick
  42. Develop a nighttime routine and stick to it
  43. Go completely through my Martha Stewart book and Martha Stewart the shit out of the house.
  44. Take my car in for regular oil changes
  45. Clean the art room
  46. Complete organizing Grandma’s photos
  47. Complete 3 steampunk projects
  48. Volunteer at least 2 times a month
  49. Update the wardrobe
  50. Get or at least start the process for a cover up tattoo

So there you have it! Happy New Year!

About Amy Clare

33 year old queer ethical vegan.
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