Sephora Shopping

Just got home from another, and what will be the last until mid-February, shopping trips. I went to Sephora and bought too much makeup, but it was the absolute basics. I figure start up costs for my face are going to be pricey. I went to Sephora with a naked face and was greeted by the cutest salesperson who kept calling me “love” and “friend”…is it weird I totally love that? Anyways, I ended up getting a moisturizer, foundation, and a double sided brush….and then when I was in line to check out I grabbed some perfume (gah! unexpected $25 purchase!) I bought it and realized after I got home that I didn’t even check to see if it was vegan. I get in places like Sephora that carry so many vegan products that I start to get too comfortable and think EVERYTHING is vegan…it is not. So I’m not so sure about the perfume. All my makeup is good though! Tarte brand is bomb. Here are some photos.  Wish you could all smell these too! They are heavenly!

I bought all Rainforest of the Sea themed Tarte makeup and I really think I’m going to be happy with it! Now, to figure out this whole makeup brush thing.

About Amy Clare

33 year old queer ethical vegan.
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