Yesterday’s “Haul”

Haul…that’s what they call it? Yeah?

Wasn’t so much as a haul as it was a gathering of a few small items.

Nonetheless. I’m super happy with my purchases.

My Rag & Bone Jeans from Nordstrom that fit better around my ass than any pair of jeans ever have.

I also got a kind of comfy Harlow and Graham sweatshirt thing at Nordstrom. Good for roaming around in the house or after a workout as a pullover.

Next I got this cute shirt from Zara. Kinda has that sailor feel to it! And you can’t go wrong with stripes!

I’m headed to Sephora today. Seriously, I hope I’m not a bit manic because I’m in this super huge “I have tons of money (I don’t) and I want to buy everything!” kind of mood. I need a few candles and a hot plate as well while I’m out today. More pictures to come and a more serious post later in the week. My work week starts back up tomorrow.


About Amelia Clare

32 year old queer ethical vegan. Constantly questioning my existence in a world I feel I don't fit into very naturally. A pessimistic bundle of anxiety and depression.
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