I want to be pretty.

It use to feel shallow to say that. And honestly, it still makes me feel a little guilty to admit it. But it’s true so I’ll move on from there. I think I was pretty at one time. My high school and early college years. And then I kind of let myself go a bit, and it wasn’t because I felt liberated  wearing big baggy clothes with no makeup. It’s because I was depressed. I’m not going to make this post all about that though. Just know that depression is what led me to the place I am today.

Now, here I am, a 32 year old, clueless about makeup and fashion. (Surprisingly I have 3 years of apparel design under my belt. I switched my major as we got closer to the “fashion show” where we were suppose to produce a line and display it on the runway at our college. It honestly freaked me out. Whether it was the unmedicated anxiety and depression I’ll never know).

So, I’m working on myself this year. Admitting that clothes and makeup actually make me feel good about myself. What do I do with this information? Oh duh, start a blog. This is my journey through figuring out life at the same time I figure out what makes me feel good on the inside and outside.

I guess this is my more official “1st entry”. I wanted you to know what you were getting into. So that sums it up. Makeup, fashion, living like and adult human, and basically just “figuring my shit out”.

I’m going to try to post new products I’m using, life hacks, tips on surviving in this world, and how my “makeup and fashion journey” are going. I hope this interests a few people. I hope to find inspiration through other blogs as well. If you have a blogger you know of that you find inspiring whether it be a beauty blog or not, let me know. I’m here to learn, share, and grow. Thanks for sticking around.


About Amy Clare

33 year old queer ethical vegan.
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