Give Me A Second

I will be back. I just…I just can’t even right now. I don’t mean to get all political…(yes I do). This sucks. As a woman. As an openly queer person. I am terrified. I am sad. I don’t cry often but I found my self weeping alone in my apartment today watching this inauguration. This joke.

I just feel so depressed. My unmakeuped, tear stained face.

I will be protesting tonight. Alone. Because seriously, I don’t have any friends. Trust me, I put the call out on Facebook if anyone wanted to go together. Nothing. I have to go though. I need to feel like I’ve done something.

So, give me a second to pick myself up off the floor, to feel empowered and not broken down. Give me today and then I will be back. Strong. Moving forward. Bettering myself.

About Amy Clare

33 year old queer ethical vegan.
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