Spooked In Seattle

So I was extremely bummin’ after the inauguration. I was angry. I was sad. And I needed to channel that energy somewhere. I wanted to go to the protests. I was also afraid. I didn’t have anyone to go with. It was late. Potential for violence…yadda yadda. So I stayed home. I got all comfortable. Prepared to feed the depression and self loathing by getting high and eating myself into a coma. I call this self care *smirk*. No but for real I was trying to take care of myself:

Of course the second I get high my brother calls insisting that I join him and his friends for a tour of the Seattle Underground…the haunted version. The conversation went something like this:

Brother: Come hang out with us in Seattle!
Me: Nah, I’m already settled in bed, in my pajamas, watching movies (note: it was 5:30pm)
Brother: Perfect, I ordered you an uber. See you in 30 minutes.

So I begrudgingly went out and ended up having SO much fun. Leave it to my brother to put me in a good mood. The tour itself was a bit cheesy, but it’s the company that matters.

After the tour we went to a cute little bar called The Sovereign. Highly recommend this to anyone in the Seattle area. Our bartender was absolutely beautiful and amazing. Drinks were cheap (and delicious!). And it’s an old building with a lot of the original fixtures so you just feel like you stepped back in time a bit.

So, a night that could have easily turned into a big “I don’t have any friends” pity party, turned into one of the most fun nights I’ve had in a really long time. End scene.

About Amy Clare

33 year old queer ethical vegan.
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  1. anjage says:

    I think that the less expectations we have, the better the day/evening turns out 🙂 Good you enjoyed it!

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