Womxn’s March

Hi Everyone! Thanks for being patient with my need for self preservation as I stepped away from this blog for a bit. I have a few parts to my four day weekend that I’d like to share/discuss with you all but I think I’m going to break it into separate posts. Otherwise this thing will be annoyingly long.

So yesterday was the Womxn’s March on Seattle. I went alone. I was feeling pretty depressed about my lack of friends, but I NEEDED to be a part of this history. Even if I never have a child or grandchild to share the story with, my heart needed to be there. I’m so glad I didn’t let my anxieties and depressive thoughts get in the way. It was absolutely beautiful to be surrounded by so many womxn and allies. Being alone made me super reflective. I was probably the most aware I’ve ever been in my life about the absolute privilege of being able to use my body and voice to protest. It cost me $30 to take an uber to the march (and $20 on the way home) due to high demand. I could shell this money out. Not everyone has that luxury. I also had the ability to take the day off of work. And though the protests were absolutely peaceful there is always the chance that things could turn violent and arrest can quickly become a reality. As a white person I need to worry about this less…at least worry less about the violence I could incur. Fearlessness is a privilege. One of the speakers at the rally before said that so many people have been living this fear their whole lives, and if Trump’s presidency is the first experience with it and what woke you up…then welcome. Though I’ve been aware of institutionalized oppression and experienced homophobia firsthand, this has not been my life’s reality. It was interesting to march alongside womxn and hear all their stories. I didn’t really talk to anyone…except to say thank you to the beautiful person that said they really liked my glasses. So the silence made room for a lot of listening yesterday and I’m so thankful for all the beautiful people who allowed me to eavesdrop and experience such a momentous time in history.

Also, want to regale an amazing sight. There was a good hour and a half of shuffling rather than marching that happened as we all poured out onto the streets. About 45 min in, the crowd just started joyfully shouting. Looking above us there were 2 bald eagles flying high. I can’t even imagine their view. The sun was out and here we were looking up into the sky at these beautiful birds. I don’t know, but for me, that was such a moment. One of those moments where everything kind of stops and you realize how small you are, but in that moment WE felt big.


 It looks so gloomy but I swear the sun did eventually come out! 

About Amy Clare

33 year old queer ethical vegan.
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