Beauty Apps

I’m kind of getting addicted to those beauty apps that put makeup on you and overall turn you into a Disney princess of flawless skin and white teeth. I can’t tell if this addiction is healthy or if it’s just depressing me. Meh, it’s fun. Here are the current results:

Now if only I could figure out this makeup bit without an app. I’ve been using my foundation daily but I feel like it’s kind of washing me out. I probably need some blush or…bronzer? Tbh I have no clue what bronzer does.

Other news, I’m thinking about starting a vlog. Mainly because I think it’d be good for me to talk to something as opposed to nothing or no one. I’m thinking I could simply use the channel to socialize and get to know people. Maybe document my journey through social anxiety a bit. I don’t know. Still in the rough stages here.

About Amy Clare

33 year old queer ethical vegan.
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