Never Change

I hate change. I like consistency. Knowing what’s around the corner.

Today, for what would be too long a story to regale here, I am at work 4 hours early without access to my apartment. So, I thought I’d sit in a coffee shop. The Starbucks that I usually go to, the one that knows my drink and makes it the same every time, doesn’t have a good place to sit for an extended period of time. I decided to do it local style today and went to a little hole in the wall coffee shop with lots of comfy couches. I screwed up first by not ordering soy but caught it before it was made…but then they forgot the vanilla. So here I am trying to gag down a triple grande iced latte with raw sugar barely dissolving at the bottom. Holy first world problems. *Sigh*

So, I’ll be trying to power through this for the next century. Yay for matching my straw to my nails though.

About Amy Clare

33 year old queer ethical vegan.
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