Happy February 1st!

Good morning! I love the beginning of months. I just love beginnings and fresh starts I suppose. I especially love when 1st’s of the month land on a Monday, but that won’t happen until May. Let the count down begin! 😉

So I began January attempting to treat myself better, believing I’m worthy and acting like it too. Nourishing my body with good food, taking my meds, getting into a morning and night routine etc. I was semi successful with those goals.

My plan for this year is to use each month as a building block. Since January was about treating myself better, that will continue into February. And February is going to be about blogging. I’d like to blog every day for the month. And just overall get in the habit of writing on a regular basis. Some days I may not have much to say and that’s alright.

Here are some of my reflections and outcomes from January (I will be doing this at the end of each month…that’s the plan anyways):

Food: I had a hard time eating throughout the day. I tend to just eat one big, and I mean BIG meal at night. Restricting and bingeing I guess we could call it.

Medication: I stuck with a medication routine daily and nightly, but ran into a speed bump along the way when I had to switch pharmacies and there was a good week where I wasn’t taking anything.

Morning/Night Routine: I have a solid night routine that I’m following now. I get home and feed WillyBean, shower, eat, and watch something comforting or educational depending on my mood. The morning is a little less set in stone, but I basically wake up, make coffee, read a book, take my meds, and sit on youtube for too long. I’d like to decrease the amount I spend online in the mornings still.

Anyways, goodbye January! Get ready to see more posts than you probably want to see here. Blogging February starts now!


My epic Elements calendar 

About Amy Clare

33 year old queer ethical vegan.
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2 Responses to Happy February 1st!

  1. anjage says:

    Good luck in Feb. I like the idea of using whole month as a block to improve and I will borrow it from you 🙂 Feb is going to be a month of deciding what do I want. As a rule I try to follow others idea of me rather than be true to myself but I am working on changing it. Lets make Feb a month when I focus on it :D… Have a lovely Feb!

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