My Apartment Is Crying

So, due to hangover yesterday, I didn’t get to explain my current and annoying situation. Wednesday night I received a call from my landlord saying that the apartment’s sprinkler system above me went off and my apartment experienced some water damage. There is water dripping from above. Awesome right? Because there is now a hole in my ceiling, the floors are damp, and there is a blower drying everything out, I’m staying with my parents in a city an hour and a half a way for a few days. This sucks for obvious reasons, but I also work where I live. Meaning my commute just got extremely long. Boo.

Luckily on Wednesday night I went and grabbed a few things from my place, including my cat. Guess what I forgot though? A charger for my computer. I have 25% of battery left. Which means eventually I’m going to have to blog on my parents truck of a computer. It’s massive.

Here’s a positive though. I get to hang out with these guys for a few days!

I hope everyone is fairing better than my apartment ceiling. Take care all 🙂


About Amy Clare

33 year old queer ethical vegan.
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