Journal High

.35 hours left on my machine. This will be brief. I am a little under the influence but I thought I’d share last night’s high ramblings. I like to write down what I’m feeling when I’m high…it’s a weird thing I know:

It does actually feel bubbly. My ears ring and my head tickles. And then my soft hair turns to a hard helmet.
Ooeeyy spinning fog. Cracking helmet. Marbles.
Tired but buzzing. Bloating. I’m terrified of bombs. Is that what I hear?

I’m going to stop there since I start going down a dark path, but the beginning is silly.

.30 hours left on my machine. Goodnight.

❤ Amelia


About Amelia Clare

32 year old queer ethical vegan. Constantly questioning my existence in a world I feel I don't fit into very naturally. A pessimistic bundle of anxiety and depression.
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