I Want To See You Be Brave

*Aaaah* Feels good to be back. Though, my apartment is quite torn apart. All the molding has been ripped from the walls and there is still a hole in the ceiling. I seriously better get some rent compensation for this.

daringgreatly_final525-resized-600Anyways, life has been a bit of a whirlwind. I just finished “Daring Greatly” by Brene Brown. Such an awesome and inspiring book. It discusses the idea of vulnerability and that being vulnerable is being brave and is what creates growth. I’m feeling so empowered by the words in this book. A huge part of the reason why I don’t have a lot of friends is because I’m too afraid to be vulnerable with anyone I know. I have surface level friendships I suppose we could say. I don’t go out or try new hangouts because I’m afraid I will be awkward or not as smart as everyone else. These are legit my fears. So, as I was reading that vulnerability is actually bravery, I decided I wanted to be brave. There is this feminist book club and drinking club that I’ve wanted to join. I consider myself a feminist but only because I’m a woman. I don’t know much about politics or feminist theory. I’ve told myself before…”Once I’ve read X number of feminist books, read and understand X point in history, THEN I will go to one of these meetups, THEN I will be able to hold a conversation with all these smart women”. Fuck it. I’m going to “Dare Greatly” I’m going to go and learn. I’m in the process of finding out when the next meetup is. I’m nervous but it’s strange, when you change the word “vulnerable” (which I’v always used as synonymous with weakness) with the word “brave”, everything seems like a challenge. I’m a Taurus, so the second someone tells me I can’t do something…it means I’m going to try and do it.

Speaking of being brave. Y’all heard the song by Sara Bareilles “Brave”? It’s one of my favorites (I’m a huge, super fan, Sara B nerd…see below).

I’m just realizing now how powerful the word “brave” is to me. Brave is a challenge, it’s an “I dare you to…”. How are you all being brave this week?!

I’ll sign off with a little Sara B. love. Also I don’t know if you have to watch that stupid “50 Shades of Grey” trailer before every single Youtube video you’ve watched today, but I’m so fucking tired of it! The whole idea of watching that movie in a theater full of horny couples grosses me out….that’s a tangent for another day though I suppose.

Have a good day and “Dare Greatly”!

❤ Amelia

About Amy Clare

33 year old queer ethical vegan.
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