I Am A Badass

I graduated self defense class last night! Here’s video of me being a badass…


15843166I can’t tell you how amazing it felt to break that board. Speaking of being a badass…I’m reading “You are a Badass” by Jen Sincero right now, and I’m feeling pumped. I’ve been reading books this year by topic. January I read books by Youtubers and February I’m reading self help books. I’m a sucker for self help. This book is a good follow up to “Daring Greatly”.

I’m going to create a page where it lists all the books I’ve read, even though I have my Goodreads to the right, I just want to be able to show by topic and month as well as list out each month’s themes.

Anyways, what I really like about this book is it isn’t taking itself too seriously. My therapist often tells me I make what we call my “teenager face”…I think I must roll my eyes or something whenever things get serious or cheezy.  Example: if I were to tell myself “I need to love myself first”…that statement would constitute a large “teenager face”. Positive affirmations are a huge eye roll. Here’s what Jen has to say about them:

“Trust me, I wouldn’t do this to you unless I had to, but affirmations work. You don’t have to say them in the mirror, you don’t have to hug yourself or buy a special rainbow journal with a lock on it to write them down in, but if you want to turn the ship around, you need to rewire your brain and train it to think differently.”

I appreciate the silliness here. Thank god I don’t have to buy a rainbow affirmations journal…though I do really enjoy buying journals.

Anyone read this book before? Or have any self help recommendations?

❤ Amelia

About Amy Clare

33 year old queer ethical vegan.
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