Rent Reduction Please…

I typed up a wordy email for my landlord regarding my current living situation. I’m all shaky now, but seriously, living in this environment and still paying full price is ridiculous. I’m nervous they are going to call me and I’m going to have to explain over the phone why I want a decreased rent. Gahhh!

Here’s what I typed out:

I have lived at the above address for less than 5 months. I enjoy the location and my little apartment. However, there have been quite a few things that are causing an inconvenience.

Most recently, the water damage that my apartment endured has created a living situation that was not agreed to when I signed my lease. While none of my belongings were ruined, the space itself went through a drastic change. I am living with only 1 working light and a hole in it’s place, a warped mirror on the back of the bathroom door, all the baseboards have been torn away and are being stored on my apartment floor. (This not only looks terrible, it is taking up valuable space in an already small room). And I just recently noticed a small number of ants coming from where the floor meets the wall. I also was out of my apartment for 4 days while everything was dried out.

It is for these reasons that I’m requesting a decrease in rent for the month of February. I would also like a timeline as to when things will return to normal. I am requesting $120 for the 4 days I was out of the apartment and a reduced rate until the apartment is back to its original state. I hope to hear from you soon to continue this conversation either by phone or email. I can be reached at 253-691-7258 or by this email.

Thank you,


Ugh…rereading this makes my stomach turn.

About Amy Clare

33 year old queer ethical vegan.
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