Just Vlog Already!

I’m going to give vlogging a serious try. For real this time. I feel like I’ve been all talk and no walk. Problem is I have an idea for my first video, I just want everything to be perfect. I know…done is better than perfect. I just need to do it. I already ordered and received a new computer battery so my laptop works again. I’m going to be editing on that. Two other things need to happen before I feel like I’m ready to begin. One, buy “Vlogging Like a Boss” by Amy Schmittauer. I’ve been watching so many of her videos recently and she totally inspires me to just get crackin’ at this. Second thing I want to get is a tripod for my phone. There are only so many places I can film because I live in one room with a bookcase. Balancing my phone on the bookcase has not yielded the best results. So yeah, I’m writing this here to hopefully keep myself accountable. I will begin vlogging on March 1st which is a Wednesday. I don’t start work until 2 so there is plenty of time to work on a project. There, done. I’ve committed.

About Amy Clare

33 year old queer ethical vegan.
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