Bread, Coffee, and Therapy

The banana bread wasn’t unsuccessful. It wasn’t successful though either. It tasted great, but had some trouble making it out of the crockpot. I was left with a pile of mashed up banana bread (hence the reason I didn’t take any pictures.) So, I give it an “F” aesthetically, and an A+ for taste. A pretty average baking adventure.

I think I’ve oddly given up my Starbucks habit in an attempt to save for New York and Hawaii. It didn’t happen consciously. Rather I just started drinking more coffee at home. And in April…duh duh DUH!!! I’m giving it up entirely. I apologize to those around me. It’s going to be a rough month.

I’m not sure if I mentioned that I’ve taken the therapy training wheels off? One month without therapy. Though I can schedule an appointment if need be. I have money in my account in case of emergencies. Never know when a mental health crisis is going to arrive with this brain 😛

All those topics seem random don’t they? I swear they all pull together somehow. Starbucks use to be my little bit of relaxation before work. Self Care…made me think of therapy. I also said yesterday I’d give an update on the banana bread…wait…okay this was just another random blog. Back to our usually scheduled program tomorrow.

Hope everyone’s morning is going well. It’s an early morning for me today. Someone’s got to open the hospital 🙂 Take care all.

❤ Amy


About Amy Clare

33 year old queer ethical vegan.
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