Complaints and Gratitude

I was having a lovely dream that Hannah Hart and I were getting our hair cut together. Then, I was awoken (grammar?) by large construction men huffing and puffing up the stairwell while banging a ladder into the walls every couple of steps.

I bought an expensive vegan coffee creamer, ya know, cause I deserve it, and it was curdled. Is that even possible? It is thick as sludge. So this morning’s coffee sucked.

I got high last night and ate TOO MUCH curry. I now have the worst food hangover and burning stomach.

Things I’m grateful for today:

  1. WillyBean just snoozing away at the foot of my bed. Ah the life of a cat. I’m happy I can provide him with a good home.
  2. Exactly 2 weeks until New York!
  3. Therapy today. Yeah, I think that’s an odd thing to be grateful for too, but it’s true. I’m grateful I can afford to work on my mental health issues and actually start feeling better.
  4. Grateful for the bad coffee this morning because now I have an excuse to treat myself to Starbucks!

❤ Amelia



About Amy Clare

33 year old queer ethical vegan.
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