I’m going to be a BAW$E today.

I started writing out my Bawse list today and my hand couldn’t write fast enough…so here we are!

  1. Research and possibly buy a new editing program. I haven’t vlogged in over 2 months because the thought of working with Window’s Movie Maker just kills my soul.
  2. Research some part time jobs and apply by Friday. I am a RICH child of a loving universe.
  3. Work on my resume and generic cover letter for some creative jobs down the line.
  4. Read 30 pages from The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls and start another book.
  5. Meditate on wealth and money. Money comes to me from unexpected sources and I am grateful.
  6. Watch A Trip to Unicorn Island.
  7. Maybe reorganize my apartment. I say maybe because I know this will take a lot of energy and I’m not sure I have the resources for that.
  8. Build my alter. Read: go to Target and buy a shelf that WillyBean won’t destroy.
  9. Go to the pharmacy.
  10. Pay toll bill. I am receiving money now.

I may post an update tomorrow just so you all know how BAWSE I am 😛

❤ Amy

About Amy Clare

33 year old queer ethical vegan.
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