Unexpected Reflection

Almost 4 months since I’ve touched this blog! Life has been steady. I’m back here for a purpose. We are headed into the holiday season. My favorite day on the whole calendar is just around the corner. New Year’s Eve. And everyone, you must know the best part of this year’s January 1st is….IT. IS. ON. A. MONDAY. A fresh new month of January that begins on my favorite day of the week! This calls for a fresh start. The freshest of starts. I have so many plans in the works. One I’m going to mention, mainly because I know no one from my work reads this, is I’m going to move to L.A. Ideally I’d love to be traveling on December 31st and arrive January 1st in true New Year’s fashion. What a way to start the year right!?

Another new beginning and fresh start has to do directly with this blog. Over the last few years, I’ve been loving the name of my blog less and less. Talking with my friend Riley about the law of attraction and just putting out into the universe your intentions and desires, I’ve realized I am not “dirt poor”. I am absolutely rich. I’m lucky to have the things I have. My basic needs are met. I am surrounded by amazing opportunities. I have a great family, good friends (though I’ll admit very few. Quality over quantity right?) When I first named this blog I was so focused on my financial situation. I realize now that being rich isn’t just about money. It’s about being grateful and acknowledging the things you do have. It’s about living your values. Being a compassionate individual. Looking at our place in the universe and realizing we are so small, yet so big at the same time. Anyways, point is, I’m not dirt poor. Yes, I still daydream. And that’s the part I love. I love that I dream big. I love that I’m a passionate person. I love that I can manifest and make my life what I want it to be, so that will stay. Thinking of a new blog name is going to be tricky, but I have a good 2 months to ponder. I’ll take suggestions.

I’m going to be using the next two months, and this blog to figure out 2018. I’m going to work through finding a job while recognizing my abilities and potential in my chosen field.

Tangent about job hunting: I realized the other day, after a conversation with my brother, that I’m a helper. I love helping people. This is why I rock at customer service. I’m going to stop selling myself short though with these customer service jobs that suck the soul from my body. It’s time to realize what I’m worth. Realize that I deserve more than I let myself believe. Hmmm, more things to think on.

Well…this was a bit reflective and more serious than I’ve been in awhile on this platform. *Shrug* when the mood strikes.

Anyways, here’s to a fabulous continuation of 2017 and planning a 2018 for the record books!


About Amy Clare

33 year old queer ethical vegan.
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